How do we get our product?

All of the shells we carry are a byproduct of the food industry in the Philippines and other parts of the world.


The shells we carry are eaten in the Philippines, then discarded. We then purchase the shells collected by locals and import them to San Francisco. While some of our snail shells were poisonous when alive, they get caught in nets used by fisherman. 


Our coral is farmed in New Caledonia, a small island country off the coast of Australia. Coral farming is the process of carefully raising coral fragments and reintroducing mature coral into their original habitat, which has proven beneficial for revitalizing the health of a reef community. Coral that have unsuccessfully been reintroduced are then sold to us to continue funding this research. By selling coral we are able to limit the success of coral poachers.


Our blowfish are farmed raised for the food industry. In Japan blowfish are considered a delicacy due to toxins in the liver of the fish. Fugu chefs must pursue years of training and pass tests to be specially licensed.  


Linkia starfish are an invasive species in coral reefs. They do not have many natural predators, they easily become overpopulated. When this species does not have enough food they will  start eating the coral reefs in the Philippines. In order to protect the coral officials remove some of this species to control population levels. Other starfish we carry only in limited amounts. Starfish like the Mexican Sunstar or Sugar Starfish will commonly get caught in fishing nets. This byproduct is then available to us.


 With your purchase we are able to help small family business in the Philippines.